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 PinkPandas Clan Rules

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PostSubject: PinkPandas Clan Rules   Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:53 pm

As a member of the clan, you have read and agree with the clan rules. Breaking them will result in Warning/Withdrawal of privileges/Kick.

1. English only on the clan chat.
2. BE ON VENT ! If you can't speak, just listen.
3. We are using the group-based system, so all equipment-farming should be done within your group. Each group has a leader , questers and a certain farming system, whether it's common craft or every man for himself. TEAMPLAY IS A MUST.
4. Don't flame clannies. Every problem can be discussed in a mature way. If you can't solve it using PMs, tell a CL about the problem.
5. Respect you're CL/PL's decisions. If you disagree with something, you can talk about it after the event.
6. Act as a team . Help your clanmates whenever you can, and you will get helped in exchange.
7. Quests are ALWAYS done by the chosen people of your group.
8. Raiding : Whenever you are needed for a raid, you go. All drops go to the CWH, and it's up to the CL/Officers to decide how to distribute them.
9. Partying: Try to party with clannies as much as possible . If a clannie is lfp -> /invite (especially if he's playing support class) If you need classes to fill up your party, you can get randoms.
Don't party with wartags !
10. If you don't need a key mat, put it in the clan wh.
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PinkPandas Clan Rules
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